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Every year, over 15,000 of our community members find it difficult to get transport to and from their important medical appointments including weekly dialysis and chemotherapy appointments. 

To support these community members, the Patient Transport Service provides a free transportation service for patients who do not have access to safe or reliable transport. 

It’s a door to door service that provides patients with peace of mind that they will be able to make it to their scheduled appointments on time, are delivered right to the door for safety and are assisted by the volunteer driver. 

Transport Volunteer Coordinator, Peter Dean sees firsthand the gratitude from patient’s who utilise the Service. 

‘It might seem like such a small detail but for patients with no support system or family to transport them to appointments they need to attend each week, it’s a big relief and one less thing for them to worry about.’    

Volunteer Services are extremely fortunate to have a team of 60 dedicated volunteers who donate their time to deliver this essential program. These volunteers are community members themselves who want to make a difference in the lives of others who need help.   

With the generous support of these volunteers and a fleet of five vehicles, the Patient Transport Service transports an average of 15,000 patients every single year. This equates to a staggering 250,000km per year of travel.

To support this vital service for citizens in our community you can donate to the Patient Transport Service. Every dollar helps us maintain this free service to community members in need.

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